Bookshelf Online: Using the Microsoft OneNote Integration

Microsoft OneNote Integration with Bookshelf Online

VitalSource is excited to announce that we have integrated with Microsoft OneNote with Bookshelf Online to enable students to access notes and highlights within Microsoft OneNote. Use this feature to annotate notes created in Bookshelf and class for studying on the go.

Using the Microsoft OneNote Integration

Step 1 - Open a Textbook that has notes and highlights that you would like to export to OneNote.  Once you are in your eTextbook, click on the Notebook icon to bring up your notes and highlights.

Step 2 - In your notebook, click the OneNote icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 3 - Sign In with your Microsoft Account or your school or work account

Step 4 - Allow OneNote to access your info

Step 5 - If you do not have a OneNote Notebook, click on Create OneNote Notebook to begin

Step 6 - Use the check boxes to select the content you wish to send to OneNote, then click Preview

Step 7 - Review your preview, choose your preferred notebook, and click Send. Or click Options and go back to the selection page

Step 8 - Your export is complete. You can now view your notes in OneNote