Bookshelf Online: Wikipedia Look up - January 23, 2017

Wikipedia Look up in Bookshelf Online

VitalSource is excited to announce that we have integrated Wikipedia search into the student reader. As a platform dedicated to student-centric learning, we strive to add new useful study tools to assist students in their comprehension of course materials better.

Why Wikipedia?

At VitalSource we are constantly in touch with our users to gain feedback on how we can improve the student learning experience. Recently we asked the question, “When you have a question while reading, what do you do most often?” 80% of students surveyed answered that they searched the internet. When we followed that question up with which site they were using, Wikipedia was one of the top three sites that students turned to when they did this internet search. To better facilitate this student study habit, we added a “Look up in Wikipedia” to Bookshelf.

When is this feature available?

Wikipedia Lookup is currently available on, and we will be rolling Wikipedia Lookup out to school specific platforms beginning on February 3rd.

How do I use this feature?

Click here to learn how to use the Wikipedia Look up Tool