FAQs for Bridge administrators

FAQs for Bridge administrators

Must users have an LMS or SIS to use VitalSource Bridge?
No. One of the benefits of Bridge is that it can help customers accomplish what some other users rely on an LMS to do but in an easier, lighter way. (Easier to implement, easier to manage assets and users)

With what systems does VitalSource Bridge integrate?



OAuth 2.0

Or stand alone

How do returns work?

If concurrency is on, your users will be permitted to do returns. After a return is made the user will forfeit access to the content, freeing up availability for other users.

What are the various ways we can brand VitalSource Bridge?

You can upload two separate logos that will appear on each screen. You can choose a primary and secondary color that will create a theme for your site. You can add and update messaging, labels and buttons on all screens.

Can user access be limited?

You can restrict access to your site by picking one of three authentication options. 

  • One option is Keys, which act as passwords that can be provided individually to each user as a unique one to one authentication modality or one Key for up to 1000 users. 
  • A second option is CSV Rostering which allows you to upload a list of users who are added to a Permitlist to access the site. 
  • The third option is to integrate with an existing trusted system that passes your users over.

Once in, access can be limited in duration, some synchronized assets a user owns, and a number of copies of an asset that is in circulation at any time.