Bookshelf Online: Assigned Readings - February 14, 2017

Assigned Readings in Bookshelf Online

At VitalSource we are always striving to improve student success. Interacting with content on Bookshelf allows for a more enriching and immersive study session, and as a result of direct client feedback, we are happy to add additional study tools by rolling out Assigned Readings to Bookshelf Online.

What are Assigned Readings?

Assigned readings are designed for instructors to create and customize discrete chunks of content for a reading goal, to add focus and gamification to the reading experience. This study tool allows students to complete their assignments in a view designed to reduce distractions and optimize the time spent learning.

When is this feature available?

Assigned readings are available on Bookshelf Online ( on March 1st, they will be implemented on branded sites upon request.

How do I use this feature?

See Assigned Readings – Instructor User Guide (PDF)
See Assigned Readings – Student User Guide (PDF)