What format eBook do you Provide?


What format eBook do you Provide?


There are two different types of electronic textbooks sold in the VitalSource Bookstore: Reflowable Text VitalBooks and Page-Fidelity VitalBooks. 


Reflowable Textbook

The Reflowable textbooks do not maintain the layout that a traditional bound book has, because the text is reflowable the font size can be easily adjusted no matter what the size of the screen. These books conform to ePub3 industry standards.


Page Fidelity Textbook

The Page-Fidelity textbook maintains the look at feel of a bound book- the text is fixed and the screen size regulates the size of the text. 


Both types of books support a wide range of features, including (but not limited to): notes, highlights, text to speech, printing, syncing accross devices, and more.


If you are unsure what type of book and would like to know prior to a purchase please contact Customer Service and we can assist.

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