Viewing your books by Collections


Viewing your books by Collections


Sometimes if you have a large library of books finding one specific book can be difficult. If your institution has grouped your book into collections then you will be able to filter your books by the categories provided.

To filter by categories in Bookshelf for Android/Kindle do the following: 

  1. If you are in a book currently, go back to your main library by clicking the home button ios-home.png

  2. Next in the upper left corner select the folder icon

  3. Select the collection [group] you would like to filter by to narrow your search.

  4. You will now see the books you are looking for, select the book you wish to download/read.


Please note: This feature only applies if your institution or provider has set up collections [groups of books or chapters] for the books you were provided with. At this time this is not something you can set up yourself.

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