VitalSource Content Studio 2.1 Release Notes - March 13, 2017

VitalSource Content Studio Release Notes

VitalSource Content Studio 2.1 Release Notes  

We are committed to making improvements to VCS that help you create the best content for your learners. We know that often it’s the little details that make the difference in how your content is experienced, so we continue to refine and tweak your content creation capabilities.

New Interactive Block: Button Link

Allows you to create a button in your content that links to any external URL. You can configure the text and tooltip for the button and even add a title and descriptive text above the button. You can add the new Button block can to your content from the Interactive Block menu.  


New List Styling Options
You now have new options when creating ordered or bulleted lists in your content:

  • Ordered list: Select the start number for your list and list type: i, ii, iii / I, II, III / a, b, c / A, B, C / 1, 2, 3.
  • Bulleted list: Select from three styles of bullets.

To find the new styling options, create your list, select it, then right-click to reveal and select List Properties.
Product List Is Now Sortable

Need help finding a product in a long product list? Your product list is now sortable by each of the columns available in your product library: Product Name, the number of screens, the number of interactive blocks, the number of content blocks, and the date last edited.