Sampling Release Notes - March 31, 2017

Sampling Release Notes - March 31, 2017

Account Creation (Allow selection of Department when applicable)

1. Updates made to the Account Creation form to capture additional instructor data needed to fulfill sample requests

When a user selects instructor role during account creation, if the selected institution has associated department data, then we will display up to three fields (as applicable) for the user to select their relative department.



Account Creation (Allow entry of institution when selecting "Other")

2. When a user (instructor) creates an account and does not find his/her institution in the drop-down and proceeds to select "Other" - they are now presented an (optional) text field to manually enter the name of their institution




Instructor Requests page

3. Improvements have been made to the Instructor Requests page. 

  • Added instructor and course data that can be used to fulfill sample requests
    • Institution, Department & Institution Type
    • Course Start Date
  • Comprehensive View
    • With the previous functionality, a publisher could only view outstanding requests for the region in which they were visiting. For example: To see all outstanding instructor requests in the US region, the Publisher Administrator would need to be in the US region to view those requests. And the same applied for viewing outstanding UK & AU requests.
    • We now have a comprehensive view of outstanding instructor requests across all site regions: US/CA, AU & UK. Regardless of the region, the Publisher Administrator is visiting (they can see all of their outstanding instructor requests across regions). This makes it easier for the user always to have a comprehensive view of their outstanding requests across regions without having to navigate to the respective region to verify or deny instructor requests.
    • Example:
      • User (Publisher Administrator) signs-in and navigates to the US region
      • Publisher Administrator selects Instructor Requests from the Publisher menu
      • Instructor Requests page lists ALL outstanding requests across regions: US/CA, UK, and AU
      • Publisher Administrator selects an instructor (that submitted a request for their content that was available for sampling in the UK region) to Verify or Deny
      • Lands on the Instructor Details page and clicks Verify or Deny
      • Although the request was submitted from the UK region – the Publisher Administrator is allowed to issue the appropriate action from the US region
        • If Verify is selected- the instructor is verified for the correct region (UK)
        • If Deny is selected - then the instructor is denied for the correct region (UK)
      • After clicking Verify or Deny – the request is processed accordingly and removed from the Instructor Requests page. 
  • Added regional flag indicator per line item. 
    • Regional flag indicator represents the region (which the sample request was submitted)
    • For instructors having multiple requests per line item (regional flag indicator is displayed for the first request submitted). 
      • Example
        • Instructor submits a request to sample content from US region
        • Instructor submits another request to the same publisher to sample content from UK region 
        • Both requests will display in the line item for the instructor, but the regional indicator will show for the US region since that was the first request submitted
        • Note: A future enhancement is underway to display the regional indicator per request (within the line item for a given instructor)
  • Added columns and updated column names to better reflect represented data
    • Updated column name "Titles Requested" to "Title(s) Requested" since an instructor can have more than one outstanding requests for the same publisher
    • Added a column for "Course Name & Number."
    • Changed column name "Largest Enrollment" to "Enrollment."
    • Added column for "Course Start Date."
    • Changed column name "Last Request" to "Date Requested" (to better reflect the actual data represented)
    • Display the actual date in the "Date Requested" column instead of the time frame (for consistency)




Instructor Requests (Export CSV) 

4. Updated exported CSV file to capture added columns and updated column names reflected on the Instructor Requests page for consistency (as outlined above)

Instructor Details page

5. Added instructor info (Institution, Department, Institution Type) to align with Instructor Requests page


Log a Request form

6. Added "Course Start Date" to "Log a Request" form. Now when an instructor selects "Request Copy" to sample content, they will be able to provide their course start date.



Bulk Recommendations

7. Added a field for Country in the CSV for Bulk Recommendations

When submitting recommendations in Bulk - added a field to capture the instructor's country



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