VitalSource Studio - Using Inline Images


About Inline Images

Inline Images Allows content authors to create a more customized or branded look-and-feel to headings and allows content authors to create “how-to” content that includes screenshots of buttons or other elements in a software application


Using Inline Images

Step 1 - Add a Block to your project that supports Inline Images


In your project, click on the + Add Block button.  In the pop-up window, choose the Text Block. 

Inline Images are available in the following Blocks:

  • Heading
  • Text
  • Text + Image
  • Boxed Text
  • Multiple Chose Question


Step 2 - Add a Text Block to your project


In the toolbar, click on the Add_Image.png button.  You can enter an URL to your inline image or click the Browse button to navigate to it on your computer. 

After adding the image, provide the alt-text for the picture, and if desired you can adjust the images, width, height, and padding.

Click OK to add the Inline Image to your Text Block. 

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