VitalSource Content Studio 2.2.1 Release Notes - April 28, 2017

VitalSource Content Studio 2.2.1 Release Notes  

VitalSource Content Studio is committed to continual improvements to help you create engaging and interactive educational content. We know that often it’s the little details that make a difference in how content is experienced, so we continue to refine and further enable your content creation capabilities.


New Re-Usable Templates

Enables you to create a screen template for re-used content and formats within or across your products. When creating a new screen, you can now start with a blank screen or with a screen from your template library. A template can include empty placeholder blocks as well as blocks with re-usable content, as shown below.

New Inline Images

Create more engaging and visually appealing learning experiences with our new inline images feature. Do you want to create headers with icons? Or embed screen shots of screen elements into your text? Use inline images to call out tips and warnings or to provide step-by-step instructions with visual cues as shown below.

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