VitalSource Studio - Using Template Libraries

About Template Library

Template Library allows authors to gain authoring efficiency by creating and re-using screen templates; not create every screen from scratch. Templates allow authors to create a library of screens with content that could be re-purposed across For example A list of contributors with bios, a complex table, etc.

More is coming! Next step is the ability to create/save a template from an existing screen.

Setting up a Template

Step 1 - Create a new Template


Sign in to VitalSource Studio, Click on the name of the project you are creating a template for, and then click on the Templates button in the menu.  Finally, name the Template, give it a description, and then click the OK button to create the template. 

Step 2 - Build your Template


A template will start as a blank screen on which you can add blocks.  Your template can consist of empty blocks and blocks with content that serves as a placeholder and allowing the recycling of content.

To add a block to your template, click the + Add Block button or the button New_Block.png.  Choose the block type you want to use and add content as needed.  Your template will save automatically.  

Click the back button to return to your project templates.



Using a Template

Step 1 - Choose Your Template


Navigate to your product, click on the Add_Blue.png Add button and select Screen from Template.  Click on the template you wish to use and click on the Select button to insert the template.

Step 2 - Configure the Template


Once you choose your template, you will need to add it to your project.  Name the screen, choose where it goes in the project and assign the screen to an author for editing. 

Once copied into the product, the screen is available for further editing.  While in the screen, authors can flag empty blocks and assign then to the appropriate team members for editing. 

Note: After you create a screen from a template, there is no continued relationship between the screen and the template. Future changes to the template will NOT flow to any screens that were previously created using that template.