Table of Contents

Tap\Click TOC.png to open the Table of Contents 



    • Chapters or Sections without an Arrow


      Tap\Click on that line item to automatically navigate to that section within the reader, and the panel will not change. To close, click on the Table of Contents icon or open another panel.

    • Chapters or Sections with an Arrow


      Tap/Click on any chapter with an arrow (indicating chapter subsections) to move the contents to the next level. Click the blue "Go to Chapter..." link at the top of the panel to navigate to that section of the reader.




      Tap\Click any sub-section header to view the sub-sections

      Tap\Click Table_of_Contents_arrow.png to view the previous table of contents

      The blue vertical bar at the far left indicates the current chapter or section being displayed

Tap\click on VS_TOC_orange.png or open another panel to exit the Table of Contents