Bookshelf Online: What's New?

Bookshelf Online: What's New?

Bookshelf Online brings improved navigation for users, adds the ability to create assigned readings for eTextbooks, includes a new Wikipedia lookup tool, OneNote export and more.

Check out Bookshelf Online's labs for the latest features and functionality.  

New and Improved User Experience

As a result of customer feedback and an analysis of design trends, we have made some design updates to the Library, and the reader, to improve the user interface to give you the best reading experience.

Text Me a Link

Users in the United States and Canadian can enter their phone number and have a link texted to their device that allows for auto-login to our application. No need to worry about usernames or passwords! One click and you are now reading offline!

Assigned Readings

Create and share assigned readings for your eTextbooks.

Wikipedia Lookup

Wikipedia search is a right-click away.

Updated Navigation

Updates to the menus in Bookshelf Online's Library window make navigation easier. 

Microsoft OneNote Integration

Export your notes and highlights to Microsoft OneNote.

Harvard Referencing System

Harvard Citations with the push of a button.