Bookshelf Online Overview

Bookshelf Online Overview

Bookshelf Online is designed to make your learning easy, intuitive, and fun. To give you an idea of how to use Bookshelf Online, the process of reading, interacting, and studying with Bookshelf Online is described below.


Open your eTextbook

You can add content to your VitalSource account by using a redemption code, purchasing through the VitalSource Store, or by way of your School's LMS.  Once an eTextbook is on your account, click on the cover of the eTextbook to open the book.  


Navigate and Search your eTextbook

Once inside your eTextbook, click the Search icon Search_icon.png from the left menu bar to bring up the search tool. Search inside your eTextbook to find the text you need.  When you search in Bookshelf Online, the chapter/section heading will display the number of search results found, and you can sort based on book order (first to last, last to first).

Quickly navigate to a particular chapter in Online by clicking the Table of Contents icon TOC.png from the left menu bar. Clicking on any chapter with an arrow (indicating chapter subsections) will move the contents to the next level. You will need to click the blue "Go to Chapter..." link at the top of the panel to navigate to that section of the reader.

Don't like the location of the Search panel or Table of Contents? Click and drag the panels to either side of the reading window or reorder their layout. Online will remember your preferences for next time. 


Making Highlights and Notes

In addition to reading eTextbooks, you can make highlights and notes inside an eTextbook. Notes and highlights are automatically backed up and will sync across your various devices running Bookshelf. You can share and subscribe to your notes and highlights with other VitalSource users who have the same eTextbook.  

To make a highlight, select the text. When the pop-up appears, click the colored circle of the highlighter you wish to use. Similarly, to make a note, click within the Add Note field. Notes can be text, images, emojis, lists, and more. Click on a highlight to bring up the highlighter tools, which allow you to change the highlight color, add/edit a note, or delete the highlight.

If you prefer making highlights as you select the text, use the Fast Highlight tool located in the scrubber bar along the bottom of your screen. Choose the highlight color you wish to use and then start selecting the text, which will automatically highlight text for you. Turn off Fast Highlighting by clicking the Fast Highlight icon in the Toolbar, then choose the highlighter. The Fast Highlight feature is only available with non-touchscreen devices.


Review Mode

Prep for quizzes and tests with the highlights and notes you create and do it all without leaving Bookshelf Online.

Click the Notebook icon Notebook_icon.png from the left menu bar in your eTextbook and click Launch Review Mode to get started.  Select the chapters you want to review, then click Start Review.  

Click More Options to study only highlights with notes, to randomize the cards shown to you, and to specify what highlighters you want to use in review mode. 


Do more with Labs

Labs are features in progress. Based on your feedback these features may evolve, graduate to being a new feature in Bookshelf Online, or drop out of labs. Try them out and let us know your feedback!