Making and Sharing Notes and Highlights in Bookshelf Online

Making Notes and Highlights

You can make notes and highlights inside your eTextbook with Bookshelf Online.  Notes and highlights made in Bookshelf Online will sync across to your other computers and mobile devices running Bookshelf. You can also share your notes and highlights and follow your friends and teacher's notes and highlights. 

Making Highlights

Select the desired text, and click the color highlighter you wish to use. To delete, select the Highlight and click the X.

            Making a Highlight

Deleting a Highlight

Making Notes

Notes must be associated with a highlight. To create a note, select text, and start typing directly into the note field. It will auto save your note as you type! View your note by clicking on the highlight.

To create a note, select text in your eTextbook, and enter your note in the Add Note box. Your notes save as you type. View your note by clicking on the highlight.

Shared highlighters are underlined. See the note attached to the marker by hovering over the underlined text.

    Making a Note


Shared Highlight with Note

Copying Text

To copy text from a textbook to use in another application, click and drag to select the text that you would like to copy and in the highlight panel, then click Copy.  Your highlighted text gets copied to your clipboard for use in other applications. 

Making and Editing Highlighters

Add a Highlighter

To add a new highlighter, from your library click Tools, then click Manage Highlighters. Click Add New Highlighter. A new color will default populate with the color name, click save to save the highlighter.

Edit a Highlighter

To edit a highlighter, from your library click Tools, then click Manage Highlighters. Once the Highlighters modal window appears, click on the highlighter you wish to edit.

You can edit the highlighter name, change its color, and adjust the highlights collaboration status (Private or Public).  Click the Save button to save your changes. 

Delete a Highlighter

To delete a highlighter, from your library click Tools, then click Manage Highlighters. Once the Highlighter modal window appears, click on the highlighter you wish to edit.Delete your highlighter by clicking Remove, then choose to permanently delete highlighter or merge it with another marker. 

Sharing Notes and Highlights

You can share your Notes and Highlights with your friends and classmates. You can also follow your friends and classmates to view their Notes and Highlights.  To share or view another user's Notes and Highlights in a specific book, you both must have the same book in your library. 

Shared notes and highlights will appear in your Notebook as underlined text.  

You can hide shared notes and highlights in your Notebook. Click Notebook_icon.png to open your Notebook (located in the upper left side of the book window), then click the Filter Icon Filter_Icon.png, and then click Me.  

Highlighters Menu

In your Library, click Tools and select Highlighters from the drop down menu.  From a book, click Notebook_icon.png to open the Notebook, click Notebook_settings_icon.pngto open settings, and then click Manage Highlighters. 



To Follow Someone

Go to I’m Following, Enter their Email, and click Add. You can choose to unfollow at any time.


You can also follow by using a link provided to you by the user you wish to follow. This allows for reference users (those without email addresses tied to their account) to share and collaborate with fellow users.

Users can find their unique code by navigating to My Followers. Should you wish to remove someone from your followers, you can block them at any time.







After following a user, shared highlights will have a special icon on your Highlighter panel.


Wait, where are friends?

Given the new followers and following structure with the ability to block, we have retired the Friends functionality. If you currently have friends highlighters and followers, the rules and properties surrounding Friends will be respected and they will have specific iconography that includes a Star overlaid on the specific marker. Your Friends highlighter will NOT automatically become private or public. It will stay the same.



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