Book Menu - Scrubber Bar


While reading through the book, the scrubber bar will stay at the bottom of the screen, minimized. The minimized scrubber bar allows you to navigate through the book by tapping/clicking on the bar and moving left to right to skip to different pages. 

To access the full scrubber bar, tap/click Scrubber_bar_minimizer.png 


The maximized scrubber bar allows you to navigate the pages of the book using the scrubber, as you could with the minimized view, but also provides page number information, the book title, print and citation options, along with other features:

Scrubber_Bar_bookmark.png Bookmark: Tap/click to bookmark your current page. Tap/click the arrow to pull up a list of saved bookmarks and navigate to a specific bookmark.
Scrubber Bar: Tap/click and move left to right to skip to different pages.
VS_scrubber_bar_page_search.png  Page Number: Tap/click in the box, enter a page number and tap/click Return/Enter to navigate to a specific page.
 VS_Fast_Highlight_Icon.png Fast Highlighter: Available on non-touchscreen devices, click to choose a highlighter color. While this feature is active, any selected text will auto highlight.
Zoom_Icon.png Resize Text: When available, you can tap/click to open text resizing options, as well as a zoom percentage.
VS_Print_Icon.png Print Page: Tap/click to print pages. Publishers can allow printing a certain number of pages from the current text.
VS_Citation.png Citation: Tap/click the Citation icon to see citation for your text in MLA, APA, and Harvard formats. Check for accuracy before use.
VS_Copy_URL.png Copy URL: Tap/click to see the URL for the current page of your text. Tap/click Copy to copy the URL, and paste in a different location.
Scrubber_bar_minimizer.pngScrubber_bar_minmax.png Maximize/Minimize: Tap/click to minimize or maximize the scrubber bar.