Printing from Bookshelf Online

You can print from most VitalSource eBooks. Printing works best as a supplement to your eBook, allowing you to make study guides or additions to assignments that you need to turn in for classes.


To print from your eBook:

Step 1

Look for the print icon in the lower right-hand corner of your book. If you don't see the icons, click mceclip0.jpg  on the lower right of the screen to expand the scrubber bar



Step 2

Click the printer icon mceclip2.jpg


Step 3

Books have print limits that start from 2 pages and up. The print dialogue box will advise you on the print limit for your title. Select your page range and click Print.


Once you select Print you will see the following, first the popup that shows that the pages are being prepared to print, and then that the Print-Job is ready to print. You will then want to select Print Now and a window will populate with your printer's printing options.


Screen_Shot_2020-02-27_at_2.57.04_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2020-02-27_at_2.57.29_PM.png


PLEASE NOTE: Print limits are for each instance of clicking Print. We designed Bookshelf printing to print small, “on the go” sized print jobs. Printing a title cover to cover, regardless of the Copy Print Restrictions (CPR), will inherently cause issues with the print job. Printing is for personal use only. Any commercial use is in violation of our Terms of Use, or use for data collection and/or profit is not allowed. Additionally, per our Terms of Use, “In the event you print off, copy or store pages from the Site (only as permitted by the “License and Use” section of these TOUs), you must ensure that any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right notices contained in the original content are reproduced.”