Changing Font Size in Bookshelf Online

Display the Book Tools

To change the font size in the Bookshelf Online; Click the ^ icon Scrubber Bar to display the book tools.


Then click the menu at the bottom of your screen, click the Reader Options icon (Screen_Shot_2021-06-01_at_4.45.17_PM.png) to bring up the font controls. To resize text or change the zoom percentage of the entire page. 


Reader Options


Fixed Page Font Controls



Reflowable Font Controls

Fixed Page Font Controls

Fixed eTextBooks have the following font controls:

  • Zoom: Use the - and + icons to zoom in and out of the eBook
  • Fit Height: Clicking on Fit Height will stretch the eBook to fit the height of your browser window.
  • Fit Width: Clicking on Fit Width will stretch the eBook to fit the width of your browser window


Reflowable Page Font Controls

Reflowable eTextBooks have the following font controls:

  • Text Size: Click on one of four Aa buttons to increase or decrease the text size.
  • Font: Choose from 8 different fonts.
  • Mode: Choose from 4 modes, including Night Mode.
  • Margin: Choose one of 3 Margin sizes.
  • Line Height: Choose one of 3 line spacings.