Bookshelf Online: Text me a link - October 13, 2017

Reading Offline is about to get easier!

At Bookshelf, we understand that our users are on the go. They want to read their product online and off, and as a result, we tirelessly work to ensure all our applications give the best possible experience uniquely tailored to each type of device. To better facilitate the transition from reading on our web browser to within our native applications, we are implementing a new feature that allows for our United States and Canadian users to enter their phone number and have a link texted to their device that allows for auto-login to our application. No need to worry about usernames or passwords! One click and you are now reading offline!

Usernames? Passwords? I don’t think I have this…

A large chunk of our users never creates a username and password in the Bookshelf system. Often, they log in to Bookshelf via Canvas, Blackboard, or another Learning Management System, and we authenticate the user without the need to create credentials. If this is you, you can more easily bypass the login fields of the Bookshelf application by texting yourself a link. Once you are logged in, you won’t need to log in again (unless you actively sign out of the application). If you do have a username and password with us, you can still text yourself a link.

Previously, I got into the native applications by clicking a prompt in the application, is this going away?

Presently, you can get into the offline applications by clicking a link in Bookshelf that says “Launch App.” This link is currently in the main menu and the application menu. It also comes up as a prompt when you are on a mobile device or tablet. We will move the main menu link in the future to a new settings panel. The other two prompts will remain in the application. We will also add a prompt when you go to print your textbook.

This feature is great, when will this be ready, and does it affect me?

This feature will be available within the next two weeks. It will be available for all sites including branded sites.

How do I use this feature?

Click here to learn how to use the Text me a link feature

Any other changes to sharing coming soon?

Yes! Coming Soon, we will be offering this functionality in our settings panel. We also will be adding an email me my link option which will support all our users.