Bookshelf Online Fall 2017 Refresh - November 6th, 2017

Fresh new look, same great Bookshelf!

We love Bookshelf, you love Bookshelf, but that doesn’t mean we don’t strive to make every interaction better and more intuitive. Reading your textbook should only be as complicated as the material at hand and should be aided by the tools you use. As a result of customer feedback and an analysis of design trends, we have made some design updates to the Library, and the reader, to improve the user interface to give you the best reading experience.

What exactly is changing?

Most updates are stylistic to improve the overall functionality of Bookshelf. You’ll notice the following changes:

  Slight Makeover    New to Bookshelf         Removed from Bookshelf  
  • Library Filters
  • Library Search
  • Left navigation
  • Bottom navigation
  • Table of Contents
  • In Book Search
  • Notebook
  • Figures
  • Labs
  • Zoom
  • Account Menu
  • A settings panel
  •  The main menu



The redesigned Notebook in Bookshelf Online

Wait, no main menu?

Yes, you read that correctly. We moved all the items in the main menu within the product to line them up the more closely to their related functions. One example is our moving of sharing of notes and highlights, and the creation of new highlights to the notebook, which is a much more natural place for this feature. Please see detailed transition information below. 

The changes are great, when will this be ready, and does it affect me?

These changes will be going live to Bookshelf and all branded versions of Bookshelf in early November.

Library Window Updates

Library Filters

We have moved the library filter from the top right of your screen to the top left next to the filter bar. We have also combined the three filters we had (All Books / Recent Activity / Grid vs. List View) into a single dropdown. This drop-down has added filters for users looking for their assignments.

Current Library View: Arrows denote new placement


New Library View: Note new dropdown and filter placement.


Library Search

Design updates only here. No functionality changes.

Old Library Search


New Library Search


Head Drop Down

Added Give Feedback to the menu.


Navigation Updates

Left Navigation

We moved Bookshelf Online's icons moved rearranged their positioning. We have also added a Settings panel and removed the main menu. To close panels, click on the highlighted icon used to open.

Tip: With the redesign; only one panel at a time will open.

Old Navigation Panel


 New Navigation Panel

Old_Nav.png       New_Nav.png

Bottom Navigation

We rearranged the icons and updated the zoom and bookmark icon.  

Old navigation ordering: Bookmark, enter the page number, fast highlight, zoom, print, cite, and link. 


New navigation ordering: Enter page, bookmark, scrubber, print, zoom, fast highlight, cite, and link


Zoom: Has a new icon zoom-new.png

Table of Contents

We updated both the design and behavior of this panel.

Current Table of Contents: Clicking on the chapter title (not the arrow), navigates you to the top of the selected chapter. Clicking on the arrow next to the chapter title drills you down to the content, but it does not navigate you to the chapter. Clicking on the subsections navigates the user to the subsection. If someone wishes to go to the top of the chapter, they need to navigate back to the previous screen and click on the chapter title.


New Table of Contents: Adds search. Removes need to click on the tiny arrow within the table of contents to drill down to the subsections of a chapter. Instead, clicking on any chapter with an arrow (indicating chapter subsections) will move the contents to the next level. The user will not automatically navigate the user to that section in the reader. The user will need to click the blue "Go to Chapter..." link at the top of the panel to navigate to that section of the reader. If a chapter has no arrow (no sub-sections), clicking on that line item will automatically navigate the user to that section within the reader, and the panel will not change. To close, click on the Table of Contents icon or open another panel.


In Book Search

In addition to design updates, note we removed all book search and notebook search from this panel. To search all books, go back to the library. To search the notebook, go to your notebook.   

Old Book Search    New Book Search
Old_Search.png   New_Search.png


In addition to design updates, adding and removing highlight markers and sharing has moved into the notebook. Filter and sort are now one filter that includes new sort options. Print your notebook (via a printer, into a pdf, or export to OneNote) have moved to the bottom of the panel. Review mode icon has changed as well.

Old Notebook      New Notebook
Notebook_Old.png   Notebook_New.png


In addition to a design update, figures will initially be broken down by chapter. Bookshelf Search will only be available on the initial screen. Once a user drills down on a specific chapter or section search is no longer available. 

Reminder: Not all books have figures available.
Old Figures      New Figures
Fingures_Old.png   Figures_New.png


Design update only. No change in functionality

Old Labs   New Labs
Labs_Old.png        Labs_New.png


To start, we have our Read Offline information and the ability to send yourself a text message that will sign you into our native applications. We will add additional settings in future updates.

Note: You may also receive in book prompts about our read offline experience.


Main Menu

Due to redundancies throughout the application, we are removing the Main Menu. Here’s where you can find each of the items in this menu.

  • Launch / Download app: Available in the settings panel, print dialog, and in the library
  • Library: Available by clicking the home icon at the top of the Reader
  • Sharing: Available in the notebook and library under tools
  • Highlighters: Available in the notebook and library under tools
  • Update Library: Available in the library
  • Redeem: Available in the library
  • User Info: Available in the library under the head drop down in the library
  • Devices: Available in the library under the head drop down in the library
  • Print on Demand: in the library under the head drop down in the library
  • Resources: Available on the Book title card, click on badging or flip to the back of the card and click resources. Also, available under the head drop down in the library
  • Bookshelf: Click on home icon to be taken to the main library
  • Store: Click on Shop Now in the library or select the store from the app menu in the library
  • Support: select the store from the app menu in the library
  • About: Available in the library under the head drop down in the library
  • Feedback: Available in the library under the head drop down in the library
  • Sign Out: Available in the library under the head drop down in the library

Wow, that’s a lot of changes! Any other updates coming soon?

VitalSource Bookshelf is always working towards improving the user experience. Our native applications will soon be coming out with a similar look and feel. As always, we will keep you posted with release information as our product progresses.