Bookshelf 4.0 Overview


We designed Bookshelf 4.0 for iOS to make your learning easy, intuitive and fun. Below are tips on how to use Bookshelf, the process of reading, interacting, and studying with Bookshelf is described below.

Open your eTextbook

You can add content to your VitalSource account by redemption code, through the VitalSource Store, or by way of your School's LMS.  Once your eTextbook is on your account, click on the cover of the eTextbook to open the book.  

Navigate and Search your eTextbook

Once inside your eTextbook, click on the Search ( Search.png ) button to bring up the search tool.  Search inside of your eTextbook to find the text you need.  When you search Bookshelf, the chapter/section heading will display the number of search results found, tap on a result to go to it in your eTextbook.  Not finding what you need?  Jump between search results with the Previous Search Result  ( Previous_Search_Result.png ) and Next Search Result ( Next_Search_Result.png ) buttons.

Quickly navigate to a particular chapter in Bookshelf by clicking on the Table of Contents ( toc_icon.png ) button.  Click on the title will take you that section in the book.  Explore deeper in your eTextbook by clicking on the arrow button ( TOC_Chevron.png ) to view nested sections inside the Table of Contents.  

Scan your eTextbook by using the scrubber at the bottom of the screen.  Return to where you started in your eTextbook by tapping on the Return Arrow ( Return_Arrow.png ) button below the scrubber.  

Making Highlights and Notes

In addition to reading eTextbooks, you can make highlights and notes inside an eTextbook. Notes and highlights are automatically backed up and will sync across your various devices running Bookshelf.  You can share and subscribe your notes and highlights with other VitalSource users who have the same eTextbook.  

To make a highlight, select text and when the pop-up appears, tap on the highlight button.   To make a Highlight and a Note, click on Add Note. Tap on a highlight to bring up the highlighter tools allowing you to change the highlight color, add/edit a note, copy the highlight or delete the highlight.  


Bookmark locations in your book as you go.  Bookmarks are automatically backed up and will sync across your various devices running Bookshelf that supports Bookmarks.

To add a Bookmark on your current page, tap the Add Bookmark ( Add_Bookmark.png )button in the top right reader window.  Click the Bookmarks ( Bookmarks.png ) button in the bottom right of the reader window to bring up all of your Bookmarks in your eTextbook.  Tap a bookmark to go to the bookmarked page.  Swipe right to left on a Bookmark in the Bookmarks panel to delete it.  

Read Aloud

Bookshelf has text to speech built-in, listen and follow along as Bookshelf reads to you, using your VoiceOver's built-in voice and speed controls.  Tap the Read Aloud ( Read_Aloud.png ) to bring up the Read Aloud controls.  

Press the Play ( Playback.png ) button to begin the read-aloud experience.  Pause, rewind, and fast forward with the read-aloud controls. You can also pause, play, fast-forward, and rewind from the lock screen.

Adjust the speed or voice Bookshelf uses by pressing the Settings button in the read aloud menu.  


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