Library Window Overview

Library Window Overview



Navigating the Library

Once Signed in to your Bookshelf account, you’ll have access to your library. You can filter, sort, and view your library based on your preferences.  To read a book on your mobile device, you must download it, tap on any title to begin downloading.

Library Navigation

Tap menu_button.png to access the Main Menu to manage your account, update your library, get help, give feedback, and more.




Tap the Magnifying Glass to Search




Find by Title or Author

Search for a specific title by entering the book's name or author and then tapping the search button.


View All Titles and eTextBook Information




eTextBook Information




View All Titles Views


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Reading a book.

To read a book on your mobile device, you must first download it.

Titles with the checkmark icon are on your device. Please tap on the cover of the eTextBook to download them to your device.



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