Navigating the Library

Once Signed in to your Bookshelf account, you’ll have access to your library. You can filtersort, and view your library based on your preferences.  To read a book on your mobile device, you must download it, tap on any title to begin downloading.

Library Navigation

  • Tapmenu_button.png to access the Main Menu to manage your account, highlighters, and more.
  • Tap Collections.png to access the Collections View for your eTextbooks.
  • Tap Options.png to filter, sort, and change the view of eTextbooks in your Library.


Find by Title or Author

Search for a specific title by entering the books name or author and then tapping the search button.


If you’re having trouble locating a book in your library, use the Options menu to sort and filter your eTextbooks.


  • Grid View: Showcases the cover artwork of each book.
  • List View: Displays each book cover and title in a single-column.


  • Recent Activity (default view)
  • Title A-Z (alphabetical order)
  • Title Z-A (reverse alphabetical order)


  • All Books (default view),
  • Books in Cloud: Books you have not downloaded yet
  • Books on Device: Books you have downloaded to your device
  • Books I’ve Read: Books opened and read

Reading a book.

To read a book on your mobile device, you must first download it.

Titles with the Download_Icon.png icon are not on your device.  Tap the cover of the book to begin to download them.  To open a book, tap on the cover of downloaded books.   

Book Details

Tap the More Information ( More_Information.png ) button and tap Book Information to see the following information:

  • Book Title
  • Book Author
  • Publisher
  • Created Date
  • Version
  • Format
  • Copy
  • Date Published
  • VBID

Tap the Remove from Device ( Trash.png ) button to delete the book from your device.  This does not remove the book from your account; it only removes it from the device.  

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