Bookshelf Mobile 4.0 Release Notes - November 13, 2017


Bookshelf Mobile 4.0

We are excited to announce the release of Bookshelf Mobile 4.0 Android and iOS apps.  The new version of Bookshelf includes an updated interface, making it easier and more intuitive to navigate.  You’ll also notice improved consistency with other VitalSource products.

What's new?

Onboarding Cards

New onboarding cards provide a quick overview of key Bookshelf features.

Library Updates Library.png 

We updated the library with a new search field that you can use to locate a book by title, author, or keyword.  We have also added an options menu options.png that combines Grid vs. List view, sort, and filter options.   

Current Design:


Bookshelf 4.0 Design
Main Menu Updates menu_button.png 

On the main menu, we consolidated the Support Articles, Contact Support, and the How-to-Guide under the new Help link. We removed Sharing and Manage Highlighters links temporarily. For now, you must utilize those features in Bookshelf Online (your data will sync to your mobile app).

Current Design:   Bookshelf 4.0 Design:
current_main_menu.png    4.0_Main_Menu.png


Reader Updates Reader.png 

The Reader top navigation bar now includes icons to adjust the font size, activate text to speech, search the book, and create a bookmark.

Current Design:   Bookshelf 4.0 Design:
current_reader.png    4.0_reader.png

We reordered the icons along the bottom navigation bar.  Additionally, we removed the ‘more’ icon as we relocated the functionality to the top navigation bar.


Table of Contents Updates toc_icon.png 

In addition to a new design and placement, the table of contents has a new search field to locate top-level and sub-chapters easily.

Current Design:   Bookshelf 4.0 Design:
current_design_toc.png    4.0_toc.png


In Book Search Updates Search.png

In Book Search has a new design with similar functionality, but searches will now focus on the currently opened book.

Current Design:   Bookshelf 4.0 Design:
current_in_book_search.png    4.0_in_book_search.png


Create a Highlight and Note Updates highlights.png 

In addition to a design update, the process for creating a highlight has been simplified - simply select the text and click the highlighter.  The color will automatically default to the last highlighter used.  To change the color, click on the highlighted text and select a new color.  The Define feature will come in a future release.

Current Design:   Bookshelf 4.0 Design:
current_highlighter.png    4.0_highlighter.png


Notebook Updates Notebook.png

We added a search field and a new options menu options.png that combines the filter and sort options.    

Current Design:


Bookshelf 4.0 Design:   Notebook Options:
4.0_notebook.png    4.0_notebook_options.png


Figures Updates Figures.png
We updated the figures panel with easy, chapter level navigation.  It has also received a search feature to look up images by the caption.  If a particular book does not support figures, the icon will appear as disabled.
Current Design:   Bookshelf 4.0 Design:
current_figures.png    4.0_figures.png


Wait, what about the Review Mode?

We will include Review Mode in a future Bookshelf release.  Until then, you can utilize this functionality in Online Bookshelf.