Using Bookshelf's Read Aloud Feature

Using Bookshelf's Read Aloud Feature

The Bookshelf App has text to speech built-in, listen and follow along as Bookshelf reads to you, using your VoiceOver's built-in voice and speed controls.  Tap the Read Aloud ( Read_Aloud.png ) button to bring up the Read Aloud controls.  

Using Read Aloud

Tap the Read Aloud ( Read_Aloud.png ) button, press the Play ( Playback.png ) button to begin the read-aloud experience. 

Pause ( Pause_TTS.png ), Skip Forward ( Skip_Forward.png ), and Skip Back ( Skip_Back.png ) within your eBook with the read-aloud controls. You can also pause, play, skip forward, and skip back from the lock screen.


Read Aloud Playback

VitalSource Bookshelf will begin its read-aloud playback from your current position in the book.  If you pause read-aloud when you resume playback Bookshelf will pick up where it left off.  

If you want Bookshelf to start reading from a specific section in a book, navigate to where you want Bookshelf to begin reading from and press the play button.  

When Bookshelf is reading to you, you can still navigate throughout the book.  You can even have Bookshelf start reading from where you navigated to in the eBook by pressing the Read from Here ( Read_from_Here.png) button.  Tap on the Back ( Back.png ) button to return to where Bookshelf is reading.  

As Bookshelf reads aloud it will highlight the text (or the paragraph, depending on the title) it is reading in Yellow.


Tap the Read Aloud ( Read_Aloud.png ) button, then tap the Settings ( settings.png ) button to access the Read Aloud settings.  

Reading Speed

Tap the Speed down ( Read-Aloud-Slower.png ) and Speed Up ( Read_Aloud_Faster.png ) buttons to incrementally adjust Bookshelf's read-aloud speed. 

Use the Reading Speed scrubber to fine-tune Bookshelf's read-aloud speed.  


**** On some eTextbooks, the publisher has purposely hardcoded a disclaimer at the end of each page and the Read Aloud feature will read this disclaimer, this is unable to be avoided.