Bookshelf Online: Using Flashcards in Bookshelf Online

VitalSource is excited to announce flashcards for the student reader. As a platform dedicated to student-centric learning, we strive to add new useful study tools to assist students in their comprehension of course materials better. 
Getting Started with Flashcards
Creating a Flashcard Deck:

Before you can create flashcards, you will need to create a deck. There are two ways to create a deck:

  • In the Reader
  • In the Flashcard pane

Creating a Flashcard Deck through the Reader

  1. Select Text > Create Flashcard > New_Deck.png New Deck
  2. Name your Deck.
  3. Click Create.


Create a new Flashcard deck by selecting text and in the pop-up click on Create Flashcard > New_Deck.png New Deck


Enter your deck name and click Create.


Success! The Deck will open, and a Flashcard created based on your highlighted text.  You can then use that deck at any point in the future or create more. If you already have a Flashcard Deck, you can select your already created deck or create a new one.

Creating a Flashcard Deck through the Flashcard pane

  1. Click the Flashcard pane icon ( Flashcard_pane.png ) and then click on the Add Deck ( New_Deck.pngbutton
  2. Name your Deck, click Create.
  3. Add Flashcards to your Deck.


Click the Flashcard pane icon ( Flashcard_pane.png ) and then click on the Add Deck ( New_Deck.pngbutton.


Enter deck name and click anywhere or press Enter. 


Click Add cards to get started adding to your deck.  Add new decks in the panel by copying your deck.

Note: You can delete decks from your panel and edit as well.

Creating Cards


Enter a front and back to your flashcard. Copy and paste content at the text or create your own material. 

Using_Cards.png New_card_create.png
Switch the front/back by clicking on the swap arrows (  ), search your cards, and filter by the cards you know and those you don’t.  Add new cards by clicking the ( New_Deck.png ) or highlighting more content in the text and create away!

The front of the card will prepopulate in the panel, and you can edit from here.


Tip: Depending on the method utilized above your flashcards will have a prepopulated front or not. 

Study Your Flashcards:

 In_Deck_Study.png At_Deck_Study.png
If you are within a deck, click the play button in the upper right-hand corner. If you are looking at your decks, click the play button on the deck.


Click on your cards to flip them over.


Rate yourself. When you change your rating, the card will move to the next. You can also move to the next using the arrows. You can jump between cards using these.

View_by_Confidence.png Review_Complete.png
Start your review at the top, shuffle your cards, or filter using the toolbar in the upper left corner. When your review is complete, you will receive a summary of your next review options. Exit your review at any time by clicking the X in the upper right corner. 

Thank you! We hope you enjoy using this new study tool. Please leave us feedback from the account menu in Bookshelf as we continue to iterate on this Exciting new feature.