Bookshelf Online: Flashcards are coming to Bookshelf Online - 12/21/2017

Flashcards are coming to Bookshelf Online

Take index cards off your back to school shopping list this January. We are happy to introduce Flashcards to our current offering of Bookshelf Online study tools. We integrated your preferred study method with your favorite ereading platform! Stay focused and organized during study time using Bookshelf Online and the new Flashcards tool this spring.


Why Flashcards? 

Bookshelf strives to help students succeed. At VitalSource, we are committed to improving students’ pass-rates and persistence. One way to accomplish this mission is to create tools that help students study more efficiently. With Flashcards, we created a tool based on learning science. The Retrieval Practice, or “the testing effect,” says that learners are proven to better retain and repeat information by simulating a quiz-like environment


That’s awesome! How does this work?

Our new Flashcards tool enables users to create flashcards by highlighting text, copying book content, or freeform summaries for a custom-tailored study session. We don’t limit Flashcards to the content in your textbook. If you want to create additional cards based on articles or other primary source documents that are relevant to your study, you can add them to the flashcard deck of your choosing, and they will always be accessible alongside your eTextbook in Bookshelf. 


How do Flashcards work with Review Mode?

Flashcards join our Review Mode feature as one of our study tools focusing on a targeted review of course content. While Review Mode helps students learn difficult concepts by placing users in a unique, focused view designed to review notes and highlights in line with the text, Flashcards give students a quiz-like environment for review of user-created cards.


This looks great! When will it be ready?

We will release Flashcards in early January 2018. Flashcards will release to all sites, including our branded partners.


Details, please!

Click here to learn how to use Flashcards.