Improved Library Search Interface on Bookshelf® by VitalSource

Improved Library Search Interface on Bookshelf® by VitalSource

VitalSource has updated the library search interface on iOS version 9.4 to improve how you interact with your content.


Improved Library Search Interface

On the library screen, enter the author, title, ISBN, or keyword you wish to search for in the search bar. Our typeahead will begin to display title/author results; either select an item from the list or hit Enter to view all of your search results.




All content and book results will be displayed. Content results show results in your downloaded books, while book results show all title results. If there are no search results returned from your downloaded books, the search panel will default to title results.




On the content results screen, tap the results button to view the book's results. Then tap the corresponding sentence and easily navigate to that location in the book.




System Requirements

View results in the bookThe search improvements are available on Bookshelf version 9.4 running iOS version 13+ operating system.