Bookshelf by VitalSource: Social Login

Bookshelf by VitalSource: Social Login


Bookshelf is making it easier for you to register and login by introducing social login. Social login simplifies the account creation process by utilizing your existing Google and Apple accounts, reducing the number of passwords you need to remember.


How does it work?

When you land on the Bookshelf login page, you will be given the option to continue with Google or Apple.

After selecting a social login option, select the account you’d like to login with.


Once you’re authenticated, a few additional questions may appear.

The first question will ask your role: Student, Instructor or Other.


If you select either Student or Instructor, you will be asked to provide some additional details regarding your institution.

Where else can I log in with my Social Login?

You can log in to any of our services that use your VitalSource account for authentication including the below services if you are subscribed to them:

  • VitalSource Bookshelf apps (on your computer and mobile devices)
  • The VitalSource Store
  • Acrobatiq by VitalSource

Frequently Asked Questions


I've logged in but cannot see my books

There's a possibility that your existing Bookshelf account was created under a different email address, such as your school or company email address. Please contact Support for assistance locating and combining your accounts!


How can I reset my password when using social login?

The social provider (Google or Apple) will handle the password recovery process. This will not occur on the Bookshelf side.


What happens if I log in using my social account and I have an existing Bookshelf account with the same email?

The accounts will be automatically merged as long as you can verify your existing Bookshelf password. If you cannot you will need to contact Support for assistance.


What information will be collected from my social account?

Bookshelf will only collect your email address, first, and last name.


I received an error when trying to log in

If we were unable to authenticate your existing account you may have received an error. Please contact Support and we will be able to assist you!




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