LMS (Learning Management System)

Getting started with your LMS


Welcome! We are glad you are using the VitalSource Bookshelf application to view your etextbooks! Here is a brief guide to get you started:

  • First of all, log into your online classroom with the credentials given to you by your institution. Check with your professor and syllabus to verify you are to have a VitalSource ebook for your course
  • Next, go to your course module. The first time you access your ebook you may need to click on an ebook link or click directly into your individual course lessons.
  • Make sure you have your pop ups enabled in your web browser
  • Click on your course reading/ebook link and you’ll be taken to your book.
  • The first time you access your VitalSource ebook, you’ll need to accept a license agreement
  • After you get taken into your book, there will be a banner at the top of your screen that states: Want to download books to read offline? Just finish configuring your account.
  • When prompted, click on No to create a new account. If you’ve had a bookshelf account before, be sure to choose Yes and fill out the requested fields. NOTE: if you already have a bookshelf user account but you choose to create a new account, you may not be able to access all your titles in one account. If this happens, contact support for assistance in merging your accounts together
  • Fill out the required information to finish creating your account.
  • Start your reading!


NOTE: When you access your books for the first time, you may notice an “expiring soon” message. This is because of the drop/add period. If you are still enrolled in your course after your drop/add period expires, your expiration date will get updated. This should happen behind the scenes and you shouldn’t encounter any errors. However, if you ever do discover you can’t access your book in the downloadable/mobile apps, simply go back through your online classroom and go open your book through your course module. Your date will be updated and you’ll be all set. 


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