Bookshelf for Windows: Black/Gray content shown instead of text

Windows: Black/Grey content shown instead of text



The version of Bookshelf for Windows 8 has an improved and updated rendering process. However, if the Graphics driver is not up to date, a Microsoft generic graphics driver is being used, or if it doesn't support DirectX 10, a black or grey screen will show up when viewing content.

Please locate the make and model of the computer (Start button, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information) and visit its manufactures support website. Then find the Graphics driver, download, install, and reboot your computer. 




*On selected HP computer, the graphics switchable settings are in the bios. For more information, please visit > HP BIOS Graphics

*On selected Sony Vaio computers switching from Stamina to Speed mode switches the graphics card from CPU to GPU.

**Bookshelf will not work on a Linux or Unix computer running Windows as a Virtual Machine due to the DirectX 10 graphics driver. 


Still unable to view your content? Please Call Support.