Occasionally, you may see information pertaining to supplementary or auxiliary materials for your ebooks, especially on the cover of your ebook. Supplemental or auxiliary material for your book may be quizzes, videos, or companion websites. Depending on how you obtain your VitalSource ebook, you may use different methods to obtain access to these materials.


Purchases made through

If you purchase a book from the VitalSource store ( you may not be receiving supplemental codes/materials (also called auxiliary materials) from VitalSource unless otherwise specified in the book description. However, you may still be able to obtain these supplemental materials from the publisher. Here are a few things you can try:

Search the etext front matter

For information related to your book, start by searching the front matter of your ebook. Sometimes publishers will include a link to an external website for interactive materials, such as quizzes.

Search the publisher’s website

You can also do a search on the publisher’s website for your book. There may be a link on the actual book page (any format – print, electronic) that will take you to a supplemental materials page.

Contact the publisher directly

Please contact the publisher for any supplemental materials that may be referenced in your book.

*Please note – you may not always receive supplemental materials for an ebook purchase or you may need to pay extra to obtain materials. The publisher will be able to better address this when you contact them.

Purchase extra codes

Sometimes publishers will set up a separate website that will allow you to purchase codes to receive supplemental materials. Again, your best bet is to contact the publisher of the book directly for information related to auxiliary materials.


Books obtained through school/LMS

If you have received books from your school or through an online classroom, please contact your school/institution’s help desk. They may be able to assist you with supplemental/auxiliary materials.


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