When installing Bookshelf for the first time on an Android phone or tablet, the end user must grant access to specific Android permissions in order for the installation to complete.

Listed below are the permissions that Bookshelf needs in order to install and an explanation of how VitalSource is using the permission:


This permission allows Bookshelf to store textbooks on internal storage.

Device ID & Call Information:

This permission is used to collect the unique device ID of the android device to create a unique VST ID that ensures only authorized devices are connected to a users account. VitalSource does not use or collect any phone call status or history. 

Send sticky broadcast:

This permission is necessary for the way Bookshelf communicates internally.

Prevent tablet from sleeping:

This permission prevents the tablet from sleeping when Bookshelf is running.

View network connections:

This permission allows Bookshelf to see if your device is connected to a network.

Full network access

This permission allows Bookshelf to connect to the internet.

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