Navigating the Library

Once Signed in to your Bookshelf account, you’ll have access to your library. You can filtersort, and view your library based on your preferences.  To read a book on your mobile device, you must download it, so tap on any title to begin downloading.



  • Tap  to access a different title from your Bookshelf account.
  • Tap  to return to the last book you were reading.
  • Tap  to manage your account, highlighters, and more.
  • Tap  or  at the bottom of the screen to change the view of your titles.


Filters and Sorting

If you’re having trouble locating a book in your library, try filtering and sorting your titles.


  • Tap 
  • You can now filter your library by: All Books (default view), Books in Cloud, Books on Device, or Books I’ve Read.


  • Tap   
  • You can now sort your library by: Recent Activity (default view), Title A-Z (alphabetical order), or Title Z-A (reverse alphabetical order). 


Grid and List View

You can browse your library in Grid  or List  view.

Grid view showcases the cover artwork of each book. List view displays each book cover and title in a single-column.


Reading a book.

To read a book on your mobile device, you must first download it.

To download tap on a title with the  icon on it to begin the download. 

To open a book, tap on a downloaded title. 

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