Navigating the Bookshelf Toolbar


The toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen when you are reading a book.  Tap once anywhere on the book page to show and hide the toolbars.


Bookmark: Tap this to mark your page. Tap on the arrow to view all saved bookmarks.

Figures: Tap this icon to have all of the images and figures inside the book displayed in an easy to navigate.
Note: Not all books support the go to page feature.

Table of Contents: To jump to a different chapter, tap this icon. The table of contents will appear and allow you to tap on another chapter. 

Notebook: The Notebook holds all of your Notes, Followed Highlights and My Highlights. Note: If you do not have any notes and highlights you will be displayed an placeholder. 

Font Size: Tap this icon to be presented with the Font Size adjustment buttons  in books with reflowable text.  Page fidelity books you will be presented with a Fit to Screen button. 

Scrubber: Use this bar to quickly advance through the book.

Skip Back: Tap this button to be returned to the last page, wherever in the book that was.

Page Number: Displays the page number that you are on.  Tap it to bring up the Go to Page feature.
Note: Not all books support the go to page feature.

Skip Forward: Tap this button to return to your current page after using the Skip back button.


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