Bookshelf Online Voluntary Product Accessibility Template™

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template™ for Bookshelf

VitalSource is committed to providing rich, highly functional, long-term solutions for the needs of the accessibility market. We are committed to working with partners to provide regular review and evaluation by actual users, and to make our solutions widely available. We will accomplish this primarily by taking advantage of the built-in solutions provided by the computer or devices operating system, or by supporting open source alternatives. Additionally, we will work with the leading third-party vendors in the market to provide support for those users where possible.

More information regarding VitalSource's commitment to accessibility can be downloaded here.

As of February 2017:

Online (browser based reader)

The current VPAT of Bookshelf Online can be downloaded here.

Accessibility support is provided with the latest release of Internet Explorer, Safari, or FireFox.

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