Navigating the Bookshelf Main Menu

To access the Bookshelf main menu tap  .  The main menu will allow you to navigate Bookshelf, manage your account and highlighters, update your library, and contact support.   


Library: Tap this button to be taken back to your library 
Current Book: Tap this button to be taken to the last book you have open.
My Account: Tap this button to be taken to the Bookshelf User Hub and manage your account settings and active devices.
Manage Highlighters (Coming Soon):  Create, edit, and remove custom highlighters.  Manage your shared highlighters and subscribe to your friends and professors shared highlighters.
Update Library: Any books you’ve purchased from the Bookshelf desktop or online version will automatically appear in your library.  Use this button to manually update your library.
Support: Need help? We’re just a few taps away.
About: Legal disclaimers, acknowledgements, and copyright information.
Sign Out: Sign out of Bookshelf.  
Note: When you sign out any downloaded books will be deleted from your mobile device.  Signing out does not de-authorize your mobile device.   


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