Reading View

To open a book, tap on a downloaded title or tap  You can read a book in portrait or landscape mode.

Tap once anywhere on the book page to hide and show the toolbars.


Changing Pages

To flip forward a page, start in the middle of the touch screen and swipe from right to left.  To go back a page, swipe from the left to right starting on the left side of the touch screen to the middle of the screen.  You can also scroll down to see more content on the same page.

You can also use the scrubber to skim through pages. Or, if you want to go to a specific page, tap on the page number located at the bottom of the menu and enter the page number.


Table of Contents

To jump to a different chapter, tap  in the toolbar. The table of contents will appear and allow you to tap on another chapter.

You can also swipe right to left in a full swipe across the device screen to pull up the Table of Content.

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