How to Export or Copy Notes and Highlights

How to Export or Copy Notes and Highlights

*Please note: These instructions are for the Bookshelf desktop program for Windows Bookshelf Version 7.6 and OSX Bookshelf Version 7.5*

Please open your ebook, and click on the Highlight tab.


Select all the highlights you would like to export, or copy. You just hold down the CTRL Key while making your selections, if selecting multiple highlights that are not in order under the highlight tab. If you are selecting all the highlights in order, please select the top highlight, and while holding the Shift Key select the last highlight. This will select all highlights in between the two selections.


Once the highlights are selected, please right click on one of the highlights, and select copy/export selected highlights.  If copying the highlights you will have to open a text editing document, like Word, and paste the highlights there. When exporting you will have the option to save the file to open later.



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