Enabling Vertical Scroll Mode (Instead of Side-to-Side Swiping)

Enabling Vertical Scroll Mode (Instead of Side-to-Side Swiping)

This is a new feature in Bookshelf 3.4! To use this feature please make sure you have upgraded your mobile app to Bookshelf 3.4.


DashML (Reflowable) format books now include a new Vertical Scroll mode in addition to our traditional paginated mode. The Vertical Scroll mode will enable the reflowable page to act as a webpage and let you continuously scroll vertically through your book. You can toggle between page view modes as needed. 

* Please Note: This does not apply to Page Fidelity books, which are formatted by our publishing partners to reflect the same visual appearance as the printed book. 

New Option! 

If this is the first time you open a Reflowable book after upgrading to Bookshelf 3.4 you will receive a notification about this new feature. 



Enable or Disable Vertical Scroll Mode 

To toggle the Vertical Scroll mode on or off, simply do the following:

1) Open the Bookshelf app on your mobile device

2) Open your Reflowable book

3) On the bottom right hand side click the three dots on the lower left side


4) Toggle on/off the option for Vertical Scroll.

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