Bookshelf Online Beta Book Menu

Library: Tap/click this button to be taken to the last book you have open.
Sharing: Tap/click this button to be taken to the Bookshelf User Hub and manage your account settings and active devices.
Highlighters:  Create, edit, and remove custom highlighters.  Manage your shared highlighters and subscribe to your friends and professors shared highlighters.
Redeem:Tap/click this button to enter a Redemption code. The redemption code will provide access to a new book. 
User Info: Tap/click this button to change your VitalSource account details, such as your password. 
Devices: Tap/click this button to see which Desktop and Mobile apps are linked to your VitalSource account, as well as deactivate old devices. 
Purchases: Coming Soon
Settings: Tap/click this button to access the Bookshelf online settings page   
Bookshelf: Coming Soon
Store: Tap/click this button to be taken to the VitalSource store, where you can purchase a wide range of books
Support: Tap/click this button to be taken to the VitalSource support pages. 
About: Tap/click this for information on copyright and credits for Bookshelf
Sign out: Tap/click this button to sign out of Bookshelf online. 
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