What is the expected CourseSmart customer migration experience?


What is the expected CourseSmart customer migration experience?

Your account information will automatically transfer from your former CourseSmart account to your new VitalSource Bookshelf account. After your institution has migrated from the CourseSmart platform to VitalSource, you should automatically launch the VitalSource Bookshelf when you click on the link within your institution's website. If you want to log in directly to the VitalSource site or through VitalSource Bookshelf for iOS and Android apps, you can sign in with the same CourseSmart credentials.

If you previously used CourseSmart to access your content, your account has been migrated to VitalSource. Your login for VitalSource will be your CourseSmart email and your password will be the one you originally used for CourseSmart.

To access your content in the online browser, click on the eTextbook in your online classroom and you will be taken into your eTextbook. 

If you would like to view your eTextbooks offline, you will need to download the bookshelf application for computer (Windows/Mac) or for mobile (iOS/Android/Kindle Fire). You will need to use the email address and password migrated over from CourseSmart* to download and view your content in these apps. The links to download the bookshelf application can be found here: https://support.vitalsource.com/hc/en-us/articles/201344733

*PLEASE NOTE: As soon as possible, please update your email migrated over from CourseSmart to an address that is able to receive emails and make your password something you remember. 

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