Scrubber Bar

Scrubber Bar

While reading through the book, the scrubber bar will stay at the bottom of the screen. The scrubber bar allows you to navigate through the book, by tapping/clicking on the part of the bar which is the point of which you would like to go. This is universal to all Bookshelf Applications.

To minimize the scrubber bar, tap/click the button.


You will then not see the scrubber bar.

 To maximize the scrubber bar, tap/click the button.

The scrubber bar allows you to navigate the pages of the book using the scrubber, it also provides the page number you are currently on, along with formatting, printing, Read Aloud, citation, and copy page URL options.

Scrubber bar: Tap/click on the point of the bar, which shows how far through the book you would like to view. 
Page number: Tap/click in this box, enter a page number and tap return to navigate to this page

Minimize/Minimize:  Tap/click this button to minimize or expand the scrubber bar


Reader options: Page size (Fit Width, Fit Height, and Zoom) and Page Layout (Facing Pages) for Page Fidelity (PDF) formatted eTextbooks & Text Size for ePub formatted eTextbooks.
Print: Due to the DRM (Digital Rights Mangement) protection this option can sometimes not be available. Please be aware there are Copy/Print restrictions placed on the source file from the publisher.
Read Aloud: Tap/click this icon, and you will get a scrubber bar for Read Aloud controls.
Citation: Tap/click this icon, and you will get citation options.
Copy Page URL: Tap/click this icon, and you will get an option to copy the page you are viewing's URL.