Getting Started with the VitalSource Store



The VitalSource store allows users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia to purchase VitalSource format textbooks and have the books directly added to a VitalSource account.

You can also review your purchase history and refund purchases if you meet the refund policy.

If you have registered with VitalSource before on one of our Bookshelf apps, have previously set up an account with us to read your University provided textbooks, or have recently had your account migrated from CourseSmart to Vitalsource, you can use this account with our store.

Users in South Africa and the Netherlands can also purchase VitalSource ebooks from stores in their country. 


Registering as a new user

Signing in as a registered user


Tip: You are able to purchase VitalSource textbooks directly through the web browser on your mobile device. To access purchased books, download the VitalSource bookshelf application and sign into your VitalSource account.
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