Getting Started with the VitalSource Store



The VitalSource store allows users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia to purchase VitalSource eTextbooks and have the books directly added to a VitalSource account. Users in South Africa and the Netherlands can purchase VitalSource eBooks from authorized resellers in their country. 

You can review your purchase history and refund purchases if you meet the terms of our refund policy.

If you have an existing account with VitalSource or had your account migrated from CourseSmart to Vitalsource, you can use that account with our store.



New Users

  1. Change your region by clicking the flag icon flag-icon.png on the menu


  2. Click Sign In, then click Create an Account



  3. Fill out registration form and click Create Account 

    You will be required to provide your name, email, secure password, and security question. Selecting if you are a student or an instructor will help us personalize your book purchasing experience. 




    After you create your account, start searching for your books.

Registered Users

  1. Click Sign In and provide your registered email and password. 


  2. If prompted, please select if you are a student or an instructor.

    You will only need to do this once. Selecting if you are a student or an instructor helps to personalize your book purchasing experience. 
  3. Using the VitalSource Store Search bar

    At the storefront, you can search by ISBN, Title, and Author


    Once you start your search, you can sort by Relevance, Author, and Title.



    You can also search by Subject in the sidebar.




    To select a book, click the book icon and you'll be directed to the book details.


  4. Select your preferred access and complete checkout

    Some books have options for length of access. If the book you chose has rental options, they will be on the details page alongside the purchase options. Click on the button beside the option you need, then click Add to Cart.


    PLEASE NOTE: "Lifetime Access" means your access to the downloadable version of your book for computer and mobile device will not expire. You will also have one year of online access with your purchase.


    Click Begin Checkout to checkout, or Continue Shopping to add more books to your cart. 


    At the order screen, fill out all required blanks including payment information and your billing address. No shipping address is required as this is a digital purchase. The store accepts Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. You can also use prepaid cards, provided you register them with a US/CAN/UK/AUS billing address. Sales tax will be calculated based on your zip code. Be sure to review your purchase details and click Place Order once. 


  5. Purchase complete!

    Your purchase is now complete, and your book is available to read within your VitalSource account. Click Read Now to start reading your book with Bookshelf Online. For information on how to access your book using one of our apps, please visit our download page. 


Tip: You are able to purchase VitalSource textbooks directly through the web browser on your mobile device. To access purchased books, download the VitalSource Bookshelf application and sign into your VitalSource account.

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