Create an Instructor Account for the Faculty Sampling Portal

Create an Instructor Account for the Faculty Sampling Portal

Learn how to create an instructor account with VitalSource.


Before you begin

Before you can begin to use the Faculty Sampling Portal, you must create an account with VitalSource. Please be aware that our Sampling Portal is only available for faculty in the United States/Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia/New Zealand. After creating your account, you can begin the instructor verification process and add sampled content to your account.

VitalSource recommends using your institution-provided email address when creating your VitalSource Account to avoid delays or being denied during the verification process. 

If you already have an existing VitalSource account, you do not need to create a new account. Instead, when prompted, Sign in with your existing credentials and begin the verification process

If you do not remember your password, reset it now. 


Visit and click the Sign Up Now button.

To create your account, click the Sign Up Now button.  You can also click the Sign In button in the menu and then click Create an account link at the bottom of the sign-in window.  

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Create your account

Fill out the form in full to complete your account.  Remember, for best results, use your institution-provided email address.  Note: While there is the option for signing in via Google or Apple ID we do not recommend it as publishers typically will not approve samples to personal email addresses.


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Account Created

After you create your account, are logged in, the system should navigate you to your Faculty Sampling Portal. The site URL will show as " if you are in the US Educator's Sampling Portal; if in a non-US Portal, you will see the URL as " The "UK" will be replaced with the initials AU if you are in the Australia/New Zealand Portal. You will also receive an email confirming your account creation. 

We suggest that you confirm your email address in Bookshelf next.  However, you can also begin the instructor verification process.



Confirm your Email Address

To confirm your email address, select "[Your Name] Bookshelf." Then, fill out the "One last thing..." to access your Bookshelf Library.

You will be prompted to verify your email address at this point.

Close your browser window and check your email for the email confirmation link. 



Confirmed Email Address

Click on the email confirmation link in your email address to begin the confirmation process.  A new browser tab will open, and after you sign into Bookshelf Online, confirm your email address.

Now that you successfully confirmed your email address, you can go back to the Faculty Sampling Portal to begin the instructor verification process.


Get help

To learn what to do next, find your issue below. 


How do I get verified to use the Faculty Sampling Portal?

Now that you have successfully created a VitalSource Instructor account, you will want to have that account verified by a Publisher so you can sample titles from the Faculty Sampling Portal.  

How long does it take to get verified by a Publisher?

It can take up to 5-7 business days to get approved by a Publisher.  While VitalSource Support cannot expedite approval requests, if you have a pending verification request that is more than ten business days old, please contact VitalSource Support for assistance.  

I do not see the Faculty Sampling link when visiting

The availability of the Faculty Sampling Portal might vary by country or region. Learn what's available in your country or region.

If you are not receiving emails from VitalSource

Frequently asked questions regarding Sampling from VitalSource

If you find that you still need assistance after setting up your account and reviewing the help information above pleaes contact VitalSource Support.

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