New to VitalSource?


If you have just been recently migrated from CourseSmart to the VitalSource platform, welcome! You will find many of the same features that you enjoyed at CourseSmart, with a whole lot more.

Viewing your books without an internet connection

With VitalSource, you can view your content online using your browser. If you would like to view your content offline, you will no longer "check out" your books in the browser. You will be able to download your book onto 2 computers AND 2 mobile devices using the VitalSource bookshelf app. You can also manage your machine activations and you won't need to contact support for assistance.

Notes and Highlights Sharing

Your notes and highlights will sync across all your devices, and you can also share your notes and highlights with instructors and students. (Please note, you will need to have the same ISBN in your account to view shared highlights)

Windows/Mac: Sharing notes and highlights


If you'd like to walk through some of the features of the bookshelf, please look at our video tutorials, located here: Video Tutorials



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