An Resource is any additional resource that accompanies an eTextbook such as a website (i.e. Cengage Brain, Pearson MyLabs, etc.) and is set up and maintained by the publisher. 

Obtaining a Resource 

There are several ways you may obtain an eResource:

With Purchase at the VitalSource Store: If you purchase a book at the VitalSource store that has an accompanying eResource, you will be able to view the book in the Online bookshelf. If the book contains a Resource it may be listed in the ebook description.

CourseSmart Migration: If you had auxiliary materials that accompanied your book with your book, these may have been migrated over to your VitalSource account.

Institution Provided: If you are attending an institution that provides your eBooks, then please contact your institution's support to find out if an eResource is available for your book.

If your book does not include an eResource, please contact the publisher for more information on purchasing an eResource.

Accessing Resources


When a book has an accompanying Resource, you will access this through the online VitalSource Bookshelf® eTextbook platform following the steps below:


1. Log into Bookshelf online at

2. Using your mouse, click the ‘User Hub’ icon in the top-right corner to access the drop-down menu.

3. When one or more of your eTextbooks have an accompanying Resource, the Resources menu will appear. Use your mouse to select the link.

Note:  If you don’t see the Resources menu, and you think you should, then try selecting Manage > Update Book List

4. The Resources page will list of any eTextbooks that have accompanying materials. To go to the page that contains the access code, click on the link beside the book.

5. To reveal the access code, click the “Reveal Code.”


Note:  Once a code has been revealed, the eTextbook is no longer returnable.

Problems with Access codes for Resources

Access code already revealed

If you encounter an "Access code already revealed" error and you do not recall accessing the code, please contact VitalSource Support.

Questions about accessing Resources

Questions about using Access Codes, accessing Resources, the contents of Resources, exchanging Resources, and problems with access-protected Companion Materials should be addressed to the publisher in question.

The links below will take you to each publisher's support site:


Cengage Learning

Mc-Graw Hill


Bedford, Freeman, Worth


Last Updated: 9/12/17

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