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As part of CourseSmart’s migration to VitalSource, all new digital rentals will now be made on the VitalSource website. To rent or purchase an eTexbook, please go directly to the VitalSource store.  

Student FAQ
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How can I tell if my account has been migrated from CourseSmart to Vitalsource?

If you had active rentals in CourseSmart, your account, eBooks, and notes and highlights will have been migrated to VitalSource.  To access your eBooks, go to and sign in with the same email address and password you used on  

If you did not have any active CourseSmart rentals, chances are we migrated your account as well. But there is a chance your account was not migrated.  

To see if your account has been migrated:

  • Go to and enter in the email address you used to login with at  
  • If you account was migrated you will be asked to sign in, use your password to finish signing in.  If you do not remember your password please use the password reset tool on the sign in page to reset your password and sign in. 
  • If it had not been migrated please create a new account on


Can I rent any new titles on my CourseSmart account?

No. All new digital rentals will now be made on the VitalSource website. To rent an eTexbook, please go directly to the VitalSource store at You will need to make an account at to purchase titles.


Can I still create an account on CourseSmart?

CourseSmart is no longer accepting new account registrations. Please go to the new VitalSource web site to create an account and purchase eTextbooks. Click here create an account.


I already have a VitalSource account. Will all my books be available on the same account?

If you used the same email address for your VitalSource account as your CourseSmart account, then all your active titles will be available on your VitalSource account after migration.  


I have multiple CourseSmart accounts, can I get them merged together in VitalSource?

Yes, if you have multiple CourseSmart accounts or a CourseSmart account and a VitalSource account and want them merged together, please contact VitalSource Support, and we will merge your accounts into a single account.   


I have a redemption code that I have not redeemed on my CourseSmart account. How can I use my code?

Please contact VitalSource Customer Support for help with redeeming unused, valid redemption codes.


What will be different on my VitalSource account?

Besides a different look and feel, there are some differences in the VitalSource Bookshelf and reader features. For instance, to read your books offline you will use the VitalSource Bookshelf apps, which you can use on 2 computers and 2 mobile devices, as well as online using your browser.

Learn more about VitalSource Bookshelf and the reading experience on the Bookshelf Features page.

Please visit our video tutorials for an overview of the features of the VitalSource bookshelf applications. 


Who do I contact if I have an issue accessing my VitalSource account or if I am missing a book?

Once your account has migrated, if you have an issue, please contact VitalSource Support.


Instructor FAQ
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What has happened to my CourseSmart account?

CourseSmart is now VitalSource. We have built a new system for you to use which we believe combines the best from both CourseSmart and VitalSource. 

We will be moving all instructor accounts over to VitalSource starting in November. You will be notified via email once your account migration has been completed. Please continue to access your existing sampled books via CourseSmart. 

If you have already registered your account at VitalSource and you used the same email account at CourseSmart, your accounts will be merged together after the migration and your CourseSmart books will be in your VitalSource account. 

I created notes & highlights for books on my CourseSmart bookshelf. Will those still be available?

Yes. If you created notes & highlights in a title published after 2009, we copied your titles, notes and highlights. Once you've been migrated, simply go to your VitalSource bookshelf and your notes/highlights will be there. 

What if I didn't create notes & highlights? Will the titles I had on my CourseSmart bookshelf still be available?

CourseSmart allowed publishers to automatically add titles to your bookshelf, and many instructors requested more control. VitalSource lets you choose what appears in your bookshelf. Check the Product Recommendation tab or search our catalog to find the titles you need. If you don't find a title you adopted on CourseSmart, contact us. We're happy to help.
If you did not make any notes/highlights in your books at CourseSmart, your books will not migrate over from CourseSmart. If you want your texts migrated, please be sure to make a note/highlight in one of your titles. 

Will I use the same credentials to login at VitalSource?

Yes, after your account is migrated you should use the same username and password you used for CourseSmart to login to VitalSource.

What do I do if I have trouble logging in after the Migration from CourseSmart?

Don’t hesitate to contact VitalSource Support here: VitalSource Support 

I have not received an email about the migration and I am unable to log in at CourseSmart.

First, try clearing out your browser cache and then try logging into your account again. If you are still unable to log in, you can reset your password by going to and click the "forgot your password" link.

Will publishers still be able to send me books to evaluate?

Yes, recommended titles will show up in the “Publisher Recommendations” section of your library.

Are all titles on VitalSource available for evaluation?

No. There are some titles that the publisher has decided are not available. You may still request these, but the publisher may decide not to let you have this, or may require further information from you in order to allow. This is up to the publisher, and you should contact your rep if you have questions about this.

How do I get notified when a publisher has added a title for me to look at?

The publisher should email you to let you know, or if you have opted in to VitalSource emails, we will send you notification of new titles added.

Are there any instructions on how to use the new Sampling Portal?

Yes, there is a short video available here: Sampling Portal Instructions, or instructions here: Instructor Access Instructions.

I need some help navigating Bookshelf.

Here is a short video to get you started: Bookshelf Online Overview

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