Student Guide to the Course Dashboard

Student Guide to the Course Dashboard

Superior Experience + Simple Course Materials Management

We’re bringing all of your course materials together in a single, easy-to-access location: your learning management system (LMS).

You’ll see everything you need for all of your courses and can access, shop, and record opt-in/opt-out decisions for your course materials in one fell swoop.

You’ll be presented with a personalized booklist combining both print and digital retail offers from your campus bookstore’s eCommerce system allowing you to shop and compare while also enabling day-one access to Inclusive Access content.


    • A seamless login experience
    • Reduces confusion by providing access to 100% of adopted course materials
    • Inclusive Access items are available on day one with simple opt-out tools within the LMS
    • Transparent comparison shopping for everything else

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Your New Experience

You’ll access the Course Dashboard via your institution's Learning Management System (LMS). In the following example, we’re using Canvas.

Navigate to your course, then click on the link titled “Course Materials” to launch the Course Dashboard. The Course Dashboard can be viewed in iframe, in a new tab, or new window, depending on the settings possible in the LMS. In cases where the Course Dashboard is set to open into a new tab or window, you will see an additional button to load Course Materials in a new window.

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Course Materials Link

Elements of the Course Dashboard

You can see and access the course materials that have been assigned from the Course Dashboard.

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The Course Dashboard

    1. Course and Materials Count
    2. Account Settings
    3. Cart
    4. Search by title, author, or ISBN.
    5. Item Cards are organized by course. The materials associated with the course that you launched from will be listed first, with the rest of the materials ordered by most recently accessed, then those with no access organized alphabetically.

Item Cards

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Item Cards

Each Item Card will contain the following information:

    1. Cover Image
    2. Title
    3. ISBN
    4. Author

Inclusive Access Materials

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Inclusive Access Item Card

Item Cards for Inclusive Access Materials contain the following additional information:

    1. Content Type
    2. Opt Status of either Opted In or Opted Out
    3. Program Name
    4. Student Price
    5. Required/Optional Designation
    6. Opt-Out Deadline
    7. Item Note
    8. Change Opt Preference
      • If Opted In, the Button will read “Want to Opt Out?”, before the Opt Deadline passes. After the Opt Deadline passes, this button will no longer be visible.
      • If Opted Out, the Button will read “Want to Opt-In?” before the Opt Deadline passes. After the Opt Deadline passes, this button will no longer be visible.
    9. Attachment(s)
    10. Content Access Buttons will vary by content type. After the Opt-Out deadline has passed, the button will read Compare & Purchase.

Opting Out of Inclusive Access Materials

Students will no longer have the ability to opt in and out of Inclusive Access Materials from the Virtual Store. All Opt decisions will take place in the Course Dashboard.

When you elect to opt out of Inclusive Access Materials by clicking “Want to Opt Out?”, you’ll receive a single survey question asking you to tell us the primary reason for opting out. Submitting a response is required. Once a reason is selected, you can confirm your opt-out.

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Compare & Purchase Student Choice Items

Items that are not included in the school’s Inclusive Access Program will have a “Compare & Purchase” button.

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Student Choice Item Card

Clicking Compare & Purchase will load the options available for the course material in the Virtual Bookstore.

All corresponding materials available from the school’s Virtual Store will be listed.

Digital materials can be offered at different durations and price points.​

Print materials can be new or used, and offered to rent or buy.​

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Compare & Purchase

Purchase Recommendations

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Purchase Recommendations

If you have any non-IA items in your courses, you’ll see a purchase recommendations notification in the top right, letting you know these recommended items have been put into your cart for purchase.


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Clicking “Review & Checkout” will take you to your cart. You can remove anything You don’t want, or you can use the “Compare Options” links to choose another option for these materials.

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Compare Options

Clicking Swap for any of the other options will swap out the item in your cart and return you to the cart.

Clicking Checkout from Retailer in the cart will move the user to the checkout experience in your Virtual Bookstore to continue your purchase.

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Students will receive an order confirmation email from the Virtual Bookstore (TextbookX)

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Content Access Buttons

Content Access Buttons will vary, based on the content type:

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Content Access Experience


To access an eBook, click “Read Now”.

The first time you launch into one of your digital materials, you will be presented with the opportunity to enter your email address which will help us identify if you have an existing Bookshelf account.


image-20240227-005611 (1).png

If an account exists, we’ll ask for your Bookshelf password, and then launch into your eBook. If an account doesn’t exist, we’ll present you with an opportunity to create an account.

Create an account with an Email Address

Provide your role: “I’m a Student”

Provide your name, email, and security details.

Select that you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then click Create Account.

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Create an account with your Google or Apple ID

    • Select the social login option of your choice and the account you would like to log in with
    • Once you’re authenticated, a few more questions may appear
    • Select your role: “I’m a Student”
    • Provide some additional details regarding your institution

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 6.40.03 PM.png

If you don’t want to create or link a Bookshelf Account, click “No thanks, I’ll skip this step” and you’ll continue to your digital material without registering for an account.

You’ll only see this screen the very first time you launch. After that, we’ll remember your decision and take you straight to Bookshelf.

Read more about the new Bookshelf Home experience here.

Code Reveal Courseware

Code Reveal Courseware is not accessed directly from the Course Dashboard, but you can access your access code for the courseware by clicking “Reveal Access Code.”

A window will pop up on the right side of the Course Dashboard, displaying the access code, as well as the URL where you will redeem the code for courseware access.

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Partner Integrated Courseware

You will access your courseware by clicking “Launch Courseware”, which will SSO you into the Publisher’s courseware.

Publisher Direct

Publisher Direct Courseware is not accessed through the Course Dashboard, though we do collect opt-outs for these materials. Typically we include an “Item Note” advising you to return to your LMS in order to access this courseware through the Publisher’s Tool in your LMS course.

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