Bookmarks are Now Available in Bookshelf Online

Recently launched in iOS and Android applications, Bookmarks are now available for Bookshelf Online. Students may now tag a reference point, page, or chapter knowing that they can return at any time. 

When a student elects to go back to a bookmark, Bookshelf will return the user to the precise page scroll position of the original bookmark. 

A student can delete any bookmark when it is no longer needed, and it will sync with all devices.


Why Do Bookmarks Matter?

Very rarely is learning linear. From dog-eared pages to scraps of paper, bookmarks have long been part of the reading and learning process. Bookmarks allow students to flip between frequently visited pages. This flipping through content allows students to jump quickly from place to place without having to search or scroll back through content or create a note or highlight.


How to Use Bookmarks

  1. Bookmark any page by clicking the bookmark Icon.

  1. Navigate to your bookmarked items by clicking the arrow next to the bookmark Icon, and click on the desired

  2. Delete any bookmarks by clicking the X next to the bookmark

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