VitalSource Bridge 2.0 Release Notes - July 13, 2016

VitalSource Bridge Release Notes

Bridge Administrators can now create groups for division and provisioning of assets to users

  • Clicking Add Group opens a text field where you can enter in group name and click OK. 
  • In a group asset section, a message appears that says "To add assets, go to All Assets section"
  • In a group user section, a message appears that says "To add users, go to All users section"
  • To delete, rollover group name and a menu will appear. (separate story for this)
  • When clicking on All Users, and there are no users, a message appears.
  • When a user has been either rostered through csv, or self serviced through a key or open bridge, they will appear in the All Users section.
  • Clicking All Users will show a list of users, first and last name, ref id, activation date.
  • All column headers are sortable
  • If I want to delete a user, I select a name and click on the trash icon.
  • Delete Warning Popup appears when deleting a user.
  • If I want to add a user to a a group, I select a name, click on the Add to Group Button and group pop up appears.
  • Select/Clear appears
  • Clicking All Assets will show a list of all assets from the associated company in Connect.
  • Clicking on the title header will sort alpha by title A-Z, Z-A
  • Author is sortable by first name
  • Limit appears with default concurrency limit set, if there is one 
  • If limit is not set, a dash will appear.
  • Limit will be numerical sort
  • Refresh, filter, and Search also appear 
  • Admin can select a title and add to groups in the "Add to Group" menu 
  • Admin can select "Select All" to add all assets from all pages to groups in the "Add to Group" menu 
  • Admin can select specific groups to add assets to in the "Add to Group" menu, or select all groups to add assets to.
  • There is a "Selected counter" that shows how many assets are selected
  • There is a "clear selected assets" option to clear all selected assets
  • After an asset and user is grouped, it will have a blue bar indicator on the right side of it's row to indicate it is in a group.


New Bridge User Side UI and framework

  • A list of radio buttons--as few as 1 and as many as 6 
  • Radio buttons are for credits, purchases and / or "all you can eat"
  • A list of purchase options if my admin has added them also max of 3
  • If I have an active comp license I can activate a full license
  • If I have an active full license I can't activate a comp or full license. 
  • If I have activated a comp license I cannot activate another comp license
  • The activate button color is the same as secondary or color 2
  • If I have not chosen a radio button and click Activate, an error message appears
  • If you select a credit or "all you can eat" option and activate the asset is added to your license
  • If you select a purchase option, you are sent to the site entered by the Bridge Admin in a new tab
  • Upon user clicking back into screen a booklist check will happen to refresh if a book was purchased.
  • After an asset is added to your license a launch button appears above the options box.